How much does it cost?

Our service rate per home visit is £65. This price includes ear examination and microsuction wax removal for both ears if required, and optional hearing screening. There is no discount for one ear.

If, post examination, we discover there is no need for wax removal the price will be discounted to £45, and will still include hearing screening so we are able to advise you of any further action or referrals needed.

Payment is due in the day of your visit. For your convenience, our practitioners carry card machines or we can also accept cash.

How often should I see you for ear wax removal

Unfortunately, there is no set time. Ear wax can build at any rate. We do however recommend having regular ear health checks to access build up and hearing loss checks.

Does Ear candling help with Ear wax? (Also known as Hopi)

There is no known scientific evidence that this helps with ear wax build up. We would not recommend this procedure.

Can my GP remove my ear wax

Unfortunately it is becoming a service that is available less and less on the NHS. It does however depend on the GP and the area. The NHS use a form of syringing which has been found to be unsafe and is no longer used.

The NHS could enter into providing safer procedures but as we all know affordability for the equipment and the NHS is becoming more difficult and unachievable and waiting lists are much larger than normal.

What area do you cover?

We cover all NR postcodes from NR1 to NR35 including NR99. We will also visit outside these areas for an extra charge.